Causa causarum
В 2007 году (как же много прошло времени, а я и не заметила) я пейсала про Обливион. Как он упростился. А тут еще вышел Скайрим, и пошли всякие ролики про то, что Elder Scrolls уже не торт. Типа этого

И там есть камент: My first rpg was fallout 3 and it was rather difficult to me. As a "kiddie" i didnt understand a lot of the mechanics within the game but that's why it was so engaging to me. It was difficult and thats why i loved it! i moved on to oblivion after that in order to prepare myself for skyrim and i was once again impressed. I'm addicted to skyrim but I agree the game itself is quite dumbed down. I feel like they put more time into graphics and less into the game

Ппц, уже Fallout 3 тру-эрпеге, сложная, а Скурим не, не торт.